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Collection: Address Signs

Beautiful Address Signs from Aluminium Plates to Cast Bronze Signs. We have lots of varieties and options available to you in this collection.

All our Address Signs can hold a full address so these are absolutely perfect for any home. We provide these all with a high polished finish, with a choice of background colour.

What Background Options are there?

We have a vast selection of paints you can choose from for your background colour. These are all high durable paints which withstand all weather conditions. Another popular background with our bronze and copper Address Number Plaques, is patina. This leaves a dark brownish finish to your sign and gives it a more natural touch but also compliments it well with a good contrast. Finally, there is the option of having a Verdigris background. This is a chemical reaction to the metal which leaves a beautiful blue/green patchy finish. We always seal these backgrounds to prevent any damage or tarnishing. 

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